Clean Water Rule

Clean Water Rule


To members of Congress-

As the CEO and Founder of a business that depends upon clean water and healthy habitat across our magnificent country,  I strongly support the current protections under the current Clean Water Rule which clarifies protections for headwaters, wetlands, lakes,  and even the small pond, which just may be near your own backyard. 

The water we share here in America is a large part of our cultural identity, and we must never forget that its quality and resource is not here for human consumption alone. We need to continue to use the Clean Water Rule to protect fragile habitat for all species across our landscape, and encourage the EPA to include small streams and bodies of water as the Clean Water Rule directs.

I strongly oppose "The Federal Water Quality Protection Act", which would diminish the Clean Water Rule, and remove protections for much of the water sportsmen, including hunters and anglers, embrace for recreational enjoyment already covered under this act. 

Let's not confuse the intent and purpose of what clean water means to the growing population of our country, and to the fish and wildlife that share this dwindling and precious resource. Water is the economic fuel that supports much of the $646 Billion outdoor recreational industry. The sportfishing sector alone accounts for 828,000 jobs, $50 Billion in retail sales, and an economic impact of $115 Billion every year. Without The Clean Water Rule, the business I have spent the last 17 years building would be in jeopardy

Along with 40 million other hunters and anglers in our nation, I'm committed to seeing the Rule implemented and enforced in all of our 50 states, and to receive the vital benefits that only clean rivers, lakes and streams can provide.

Please think deeply about what clean, healthy water and habitat means to fish and wildlife, our economy, and our future. It's common sense that we do everything possible to protect the resource that sustains us both physically and spiritually.

Thank you.

John Land Le Coq
Fishpond, inc

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