Fishpond’s John Le Coq Honored at Pegasus Foundation Event

Fishpond’s John Le Coq Honored at Pegasus Foundation Event

DENVER (MAY 17, 2016)

Nearly 20 years ago, John Le Coq founded the brand Fishpond with a vision to build premium quality fishing and outdoor gear, using profits and shared passions of their dedicated consumers to support water, fish and habitat conservation efforts. This month, Le Coq was recognized for his commitment and contributions to the environment as one of four nominees for the annual Pegasus Foundation Wings award. 

Working on behalf of animals, the goal of the Pegasus Foundation is to “Give Great Ideas Wings” through focused grants and recognition of outstanding individuals and programs. The third annual Pegasus Wings Award ceremony will recognize extraordinary people who have made a significant difference for animal protection. 2015 nominees were recognized at a gala event in Washington, D.C. on May 4 at the Cosmos Club, founded by John Wesley Powell in 1878.

“As both a business owner and an avid angler, water and habitat conservation is paramount to everything I do. I’ve had the privilege to work with NGOs, governments, science-­‐‑based organizations and businesses to help make balanced decisions about the environment and species diversity,” says Le Coq. “I want to bring more compassion to the table when it comes to wildlife issues, especially for states like Colorado that depend heavily on outdoor recreation dollars.”

Le Coq regularly travels to Washington to speak about conservation. Most recently he has been meeting with several NGOs and individuals to discuss predator management issues, and importantly, creative funding mechanisms to be sure that non-­‐‑game species across the country remain a priority. “As a CEO of an outdoor recreation company, and as an American who cares deeply about our natural resources, I know I need to make a stand for something much larger than the company I have created,” adds Le Coq. “My business must become a voice to communicate the principals of change that I feel and that are paramount to the longevity of species and diversity.”

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