This Is Your River | Fishpond X American Rivers

This Is Your River | Fishpond X American Rivers


The Fishpond staff is cleaning up the office after an amazing turnout last night to celebrate the Colorado River. In partnership with American Rivers we were able to focus our efforts on helping build community around this iconic river. The idea of a community event around the Colorado River came out of a happy hour some 18th months ago between Ben Kurtz of Fishpond, and Matt Rice of American Rivers. From there the idea snowballed, and other like-minded folks brought ideas to the table. Our first ever, This is Your River party, was put into motion by the collective effort of a tribe who is working together to create the best possible future for this great river. 

The iconic Colorado River was an obvious choice for us as it touches so many people along its entire journey through the West. From its small beginnings high in Rocky Mountain National Park it quickly gathers energy, flowing more thank 1,400 miles to the Colorado River Delta where it dries up and no longer connects to the Gulf of California. Along the way over 40 million people count on the Colorado for a consistent source of water. These user groups vary greatly from recreation to agriculture to a source of clean drinking water.  Here in Colorado we are lucky to be able to affect change, and protect the future of the sacred headwaters of this massive river system.

Without an overwhelming amount of support from the tribe, we would not have been able to share unique stories, gain new perspectives, inspire passionate dialog, and raise awareness for our river, the Colorado River. Thank you all who came out, made a donation in the name of the Colorado, and helped create an atmosphere that inspires good vibes.

Get your unique one off Fishpond stainless steel reusable mug and fill it up. Our llama knows how to get the party started. Our goal was to have a zero waste event with everything being reusable or compostable.

Live art by Duke Beardsley. It was amazing to watch this come together in the fading light of the evening.

Moe’s BBQ  was in attendance serving up delicious food, while working at a zero profit, so they could donate 60% of all the food sales directly to the Upper Colorado.

Standing room only in the Fishpond workshop for the premier of three films centered around the Colorado River. Each film featured a different section of the Colorado and shared a personal unique story that was inspiring and beautiful. A big thank you to the filmmakers for providing these great perspectives.

Good vibes at the bar. Even though the line was a long it gave folks a chance to mingle and share stories.

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