NewStream recycled fabric is made with 100% recycled single-use plastic water bottles, eliminating the use of petrochemicals, while maintaining the durability and function at the heart of our submersible line.

In 2020 we paused to reflect on our history and revisit some of our earliest designs. As we thumbed through our development notes, we were reminded of the thread that connects every piece of gear that leaves our warehouse: responsible innovation. Early versions of this principle appear in our first products featuring recycled fishing nets and other nylon waste. Later, we began using ECONYL® regenerated post-consumer nylon in vests and 100% recycled plastic for our fly boxes. Using recycled materials is integral to our identity as a brand, and represents our continued commitment to minimizing our impact on the habitats and species of the natural world.

As we sought to extend that commitment, we returned to the idea that removing existing waste has a direct, and meaningful impact on the places we love. Now, much of our submersible line is now produced using recycled water bottles and other beverage containers. This NewStream recycled PET fabric further reduces our contribution to wastewater generation, energy consumption, and air pollution, while maintaining the durability and function you’ve come to expect from our submersible line. When compared to raw, petroleum-based material production, the choice to make the switch was clear. Thank you for joining us on this journey.